What I Read

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What’s the best book you’ve ever read? Mine is Flush by Carl Hiaasen. I enjoy this book because it has some dense parts in it which makes it sound mysterious but then some really great funny parts. Carl Hiaasen never lets me down when it comes to his books. Flush is a great book if you like suspenseful and nail‑biting books. I highly suggest you check out his other books as well.

I read this book with my class when I went to Hill Learning Center and I’m really glad we got to read it. I wasn’t a huge fan of reading last year but Flush changed my mind and perspective of reading. I’m starting to read a lot more everyday and enjoying reading more than before. 

Every single time I start reading a book I get so invested that I can’t stop reading it. But, for the first couple chapters I can get really bored so I just have to keep going even if it gets challenging. I want to conduct myself and devote my time to reading and make more room for it. For example, in the car I’ll try to get my book or If I’m going on a trip, I always try to make room for reading. 

I also always try to go off of people’s perspectives or their honest opinions of books because I’m always up to learning about new books as well as reading them. I usually follow a specific genre of a book. I prefer romance, comedy, and realistic fiction. I want to continue my reading journey so if you guys have any books you would suggest please share.

I enjoy reading when I have a snack and when it’s super cold in my room with my heated weighted blanket. I always make sure that I’m reading a few times per day. I think it’s a great distraction from the stressful things you may have going on in life and a huge distraction from your phone, technology, etc. I suggest that everyone pushes them to read at least one book per year.

Window or Mirror

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I will be reflecting on Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. I think this book is great for people who enjoy teen romance. This book for me is a window. I personally like window books because it shows other peoples perspectives and thoughts, not just mine. Also if it is a mirror book I feel like I’d be bored of the book because I’d be reading about something or someone like me.



My Summer 23


School was out at 12:30 we usually get out at 3:10 but we got a half day since it was the last day of school. Finally out of 10 months of homework and tests a nice 3 months of relaxation no stress at all. My first week of summer I spent it at Smith Lake for a family reunion we made s’mores, rented a boat and went tubing all day long. After that very fun week I basically chilled and hung out with friends until July when me, my friend, my siblings, and my dad took a trip to our Wyoming house for 1/12 months! We were there for the 4th of July and saw the parade that everyone did to celebrate 4th of July me and my friend made a lot of new friends and hung out with them a lot. My friend and I also went to Yellowstone and it was super fun. We made friends with this girl at our campsite and hung out with her and she slept over night. After that my friend flew home and I stayed for two more weeks.

The next week my dad’s friends came and they had one daughter and two brothers. The daughter used to go to our school but then she moved to Texas. It was so fun hanging out with them and catching up. We did so many activities together. I forgot to mention that I ride in Wyoming so I rode my horse named Nelle that I ride when I’m over there and we did some barrel racing competitions! When my dad’s friends left we had two more days so we just hung out at the pool and biked around. Then when we were supposed to leave our flight got delayed for like three hours so my dad’s girlfriend decided to just go back to our Wyoming house because we hadn’t left yet. We had like two days and then we would leave again so I got to hangout with my friends more which was fun. We also got to go to the fair which was super fun, but then we had to leave which was sad but happy because I missed all my friends. When we got home we only had a few weeks until summer break was over so I just hung out with my friends and family.

Camp Kirkwood

On Wednesday morning at 8:30 am the whole grade boarded the buses to head to Camp Kirkwood. The drive was two hours long but felt like 30 minutes. When we got there it was pouring rain but quickly we ran to our cabins and unloaded our bags. We then had lunch which was a ham and cheese sandwich. After lunch they separated us into groups. I was in group 1 and I had a pretty good group! Our activities consisted of pool/swim test, forest ecology, and then team building. Each activity was super fun! We then had an hour before dinner started so I showered and got ready. Then we quickly ran to dinner because it was pouring down rain. We had spaghetti and meat sauce. It was delicious. Then we had two options to choose from: either watch The Lorax or play dodge ball. I chose dodge ball. Even though I didn’t even play, we then after had snow cones which were super yummy. At around 9 pm we headed back to our cabins and unwinded from the hard day. At 10 o’clock lights out.

Thursday morning Hurricane Idalia hit. It was raining super hard. We woke up at 7:30 am and headed to breakfast. We had to walk in the rain and jump through puddles! Today we had cereal and ham eggs. It was pretty good. For my group today we had a fun soccer game against another group. I was a goalie! Next, we had the kanga jump which was like a big bouncy ball that we could jump on. After that we had these hot dogs. They were very interesting…shortly after we had some cabin time to unwind and relax. Dinner came around and we had barbecue chicken and Mac and cheese. I loved the Mac and cheese. It was very good. Straight after dinner we headed for advisory time. It only lasted for 10 minutes but it was very fun. We talked about how our time was going at camp. Then we had s’mores by the campfire. We had to walk a bit far but it was worth it. Then we chilled and went to bed.

The last day was very soothing and calm since the hurricane passed and my cabin outside was flooded because I was by the lake. We got up for breakfast and today was waffles and sausage! That was by far my favorite meal for breakfast. After breakfast we went and checked what activities we had. My group had the V swing first. It was so fun. We got pulled up really high and then we pulled a string connecting to the post and then we freefalled. It was so fun but also scary. That was by far my favorite activity. After we headed to the zipline we had to walk up this ladder/rope thing to get to the top of the zipline. My instructor for this activity gave me a countdown then I had to jump. It was so scary but so fun at the same time. After we went and had lunch, the last meal we had was pizza! It was so delicious. We then had some free time after and waited for our buses to come back and pick us up. While we waited we played a game of knockout. It was very fun. When the bus came we got on and headed home. By far this was a great camp experience.